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Sunday, 15 May 2011

Morning Peeps!

I'm afraid my mojo's on holiday today!
I have had a bit of a rough week with people in hospital ect!
The final straw being I have just found out my DS2 has had a broken foot for the past couple of years. Unfortunately it didn't show up on an xray. He had an MRI scan on Friday. Scan has also shown he also has arthritis in it.
Most of you will no he is in the army! He has been in agony and has had a very difficult time. He has been accused of telling lies to get out of the fitness training.
He now needs an operation.
He is based in Germany and will have his operation there.
Thanks for stopping by.
Bye for now xx Jan


  1. Sorry to hear this Jan, hopefully everything will get sorted now - wishing your son well. Hope your mojo finds its way home soon. Carol x

  2. Sorry to read this Jan, at least things should get sorted now. Best wishes for your son and I hope your mojo returns soon.
    Christine xx

  3. Hi Jan sorry to hear about your Sons foot.It's terrible when folk don't believe you.You must be worried.Hope your mojo comes back soon.
    Take care.
    Kathleen x

  4. Oh Jan, I'm sorry to read about your son. At least they know now that he wasn't lying. I hope he feels better soon and I hope your mojo returns. My LIM card hasn't materialised yet. I made a mess of it and don't feel like going back to it at the minute. Maybe my mojo has joined yours. Hazel x

  5. Hello Jan! I'll hope your son will recover after the surgery, and that the people in the army next time will think twice before accusing someone of telling lies....

    Thank you for nice comments on my card:-)

    Hugs Gry1

  6. Jan, what's the saying ...if it wasn't for bad luck you wouldn't have any! I'm sorry to hear about your son, but hopefully they will now get him sorted and treat his arthritis accordingly. It's no consolation but at least he/you now know the reason behind his ongoing pain. I hope all goes well with his op and your mojo returns. I'm looking forward to seeing your work on the new site. You never know I might even have a go at joining in.
    Take care
    Marian x

  7. Sorry to hear you're having a hard time at the moment Jan. Hope things soon start looking up for you. Lisa x


I really love reading your comments. Thank you so much!
xx Jan