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Thursday 15 November 2018

Wednesday 14 November 2018

WOYWW #493

Hi everyone and a happy WOYWW #493!
For those who don't no we get to peak at everyone's work space.
I have been making some samples for the amazing Mitzi at AuroraWings.
If you would like more info please pop back tomorrow afternoon UK time.
I did some more glass etching (i am loving this technique) onto a mirror. My friend and I both adore the late David Bowie and we have lots of amazing memories of seeing him in concert. 
8 concerts and everyone amazing.
I have had this stencil for quite a while and I am pleased with the way it turned out.
His last album was called Black Star, hence the black stars. I 
Now shall I keep it or give it to Glynn my bestie MMMnnn!!
If you want to join in pop over to Julia's Stamping Ground.
Thanks for calling
xx Jan

Monday 12 November 2018


Hi everyone!
I made a Christmas card using stamps, dies,
 glitter and papers from Chloe.
Thanks for calling
xx Jan

Monday 5 November 2018

60th birthday to me!

Kelly me & Jayden
 Amy Adam Gary Abi Ella & Mia Rebecca

Hi everyone!
I turned 60 this weekend and I have had an amazing birthday.
On Friday I was taken to Wynyard Hall for afternoon tea by my Sister and niece.
What an amazing place it is.
On Saturday (my birthday) I went for a meal with my hubby.
On the way back we called in our local for a coffee.Unknown to me lots of my family and friends where there.
It was so special I thought I would share with my blog friends.
Thanks for calling.
xx Jan