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Friday, 9 September 2011

Craft Racks!

I thought I would share these gorgeous craft racks with you!
I received them today,  from Craft Racks UK  I love them! 
OH put them up for me and it's taken me ages to sort my ribbons out. I'm shattered now!
 I didn't realise I had as many! Lol!
Of coarse I will have to buy some more ink pads for those empty shelves!
At least I have a tidy side in my room!!!!
Got lots of work space for tomorrows LIM challenge! MMmm it won't be tidy long! 
I'm supposed to be making space just in case I buy anything at Harrogate on Sunday!
Have a great weekend everyone, thanks for calling!
xx Jan


  1. Just what I needed Jan - they're on there way lol Now how do I explain to OH the two parcels from JS, one from Craftwork cards and now three shelves plus a day out tomorrow at a craft demo!!! Do you have a spare room lol Carol x

  2. Oh Jan, theya re fantastic!
    just what I coudl do wiht, but I dont have any spare wall space!
    Brilliant shelving


  3. They're great Jan, what a fab way to organise things. Jo x

  4. Fabulous storage ,,, am sure there won't be any empty space after tomorrow !!! :-)

    Lols x x x

  5. Fab storage - can you feel the envy through the computer! Sandra


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xx Jan