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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Faux Embossing!

Hi everyone. 
Well it's been a stressful week. My Dad has gone into respite for a few days. I was so upset yesterday when we were told he had to go into a nursing home as he wasn't well enough for a care home. It seemed ok but we don't no anyone who has been there.
He seemed quite happy there when we left him today. He had a great view out of his window. I just hope he will be ok.  He knows we need a break bless him. 
I made this using a Studio cutting file from Crafts u Print. It's cut on the Silhouette Portrait Die cutting machine.
Flowers are from Wild Orchid.
Thank for calling
x Jan


  1. Lovely card. Hope you are ok, jenx

  2. this is simply beautiful Jan.
    it is always sad to leave your parents behind.
    hope your oke.

    gr karin.

  3. A gorgeous creation Jan, your flowers are beautiful. Sending you a hug and hope Dad will settle in for the few days he is in respite care.
    Christine xx

  4. This is a beautiful card, Jan xx

  5. It's natural to be worried if you are not familiar with the place your father has gone for his respite care, but I'm sure he'll be well looked after while you have a much needed break. Your card looks lovely.

  6. Fabulous card Jan. Hugs Rita xxx

  7. Thinking of you Jan. Hope all goes well with your Dad. Such a lovely card.

  8. This is just gorgeous such a lovely

  9. Hope all is well for your father now. This card is just stunning and the flowers in the middle are just gorgeous. Lovely work Jan. Cheers, Holley

  10. beautiful card Jan, sorry your dad has to go in for respite care, sure he`ll be well looked after, but you all need a break, been there myself.
    take care pam x

  11. Beautiful card Jan - make the most of the break whilst your Dad is in respite care, I know the hard work involved in caring for your loved ones, and it's so hard to take that step, but you'll feel better and more able to cope when he comes home.
    Thinking of you

  12. Sorry to hear about your dad, Jan, but know you are doing your best...
    This is another very elegant card... I love the faux embossing... is it layering that you did? It looks awesome and so do the flowers.

    Stay well,

  13. Beautiful I have this file it sure is stunning Hugs Sandra xx

  14. This is a stunning card Jan.
    Try not to worry about your Dad, I'm sure he will be fine - I know how difficult it is though.

  15. Beautiful card Jan.
    Sounds like you are having a real time of it lately, and I send you many best wishes.

    Lovely to catch up with you again,
    Claire x

  16. Hope your Dad has settled in ok, it's good that you're able to have a little break. Love this card, simple but effective - take care x

  17. Beautiful elegant card. Chris xx

  18. Stunning card, very detailed with a dash of colour, beautifully done x

  19. Stunning card Jan! Hope your Dad is ok :)
    Lizy xx


I really love reading your comments. Thank you so much!
xx Jan