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Friday, 25 April 2014

Chloe's open day

Hi everyone  

it's Chloe's open day this Sunday 

27th April

At Unit 42 Dragonville Industrial Park,


Lane, Durham, DH1 2XU

I have been awol for a few days as I have been poorly. Feeling better now though. 
My hands are still getting worse. Any suggestions for Psoriasis on your hands plz cos nothing seems to be helping apart from a coarse of steroids. As soon as you stop them it comes straight back I would prefer not to take them all the time.
So far I have tried all the docs have given me. It's like a pharmact here.
Manuka Honey. Omega 3 
Several creams from Lush which made it worse.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Thanks for calling
xx Jan

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