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Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Oooowhhoo, Thank you so much EdnaAdd Image for awarding this to me. This means so much to me. I'm loving blogland but most of the time feel out of my depth, it's just the boost I needed.
I have to say 8 things about myself!
MMmm, Here goes!
1. I love spending time on my own crafting, cards & models out of card.
2. I enjoy meeting my friends twice a month for lunch.
3. I live with my best friend Bob.
4. I have two grown up lads and 3 wonderful Granddaughters.
5. I have a 15 yr old cat Tink
6. I am on a diet both stash and food!!!! Not doing very good at either at the mo! LOL
7. I love chocolate.
8. I love going to a crop once a month at local The Scrapbook shop .
It's hard to pick eight blogs out of all of the wonderful blogs around.
But I would like to pass this award onto;


  1. Oh thank you so much Jan, this is my first award and i will treasure it :)


  2. aw Jan. Thank you . I don't know what to say. xxxx Sandra


I really love reading your comments. Thank you so much!
xx Jan