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Thursday, 17 March 2011

Creative blog award

Thank you so much Viv for thinking about me, I am so thrilled.
Now I have to tell you 5 of my greatest atchievements! Or random things so heres mine!
1. I have two lovely grown up son's!
2 I went on holiday to Turkey with 3 friends and came back in a relationship with one of them we had known each other since school and just been friends up till then. That was 14 yrs ago and we have been together ever since!
3. I went paragliding off a mountain in Olu Deniz in Turkey! (Turkey has a lot to answer for).
4. I started my blog with no help (good for me) lol!
5. I have entered this wonderful world of craft that most people do not even no about and made some wonderful friends.
Now the hard part I have to pick three blogs out of all the wonderful blogs out there!!!!
Tfl xx Jan


  1. Congrats Jan! Really chuffed for you! :D
    Lizy x

  2. Congrats Jan, so well deserved.
    Hugs xx

  3. Congratulations. Thank you for the award too.



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xx Jan