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Thursday, 16 October 2014

Baby Girl Pram....


Hi everyone it's a little wet here today! 
Today I have the pram to share I made for my son and DIL for the birth of our latest addition Mia.
The photo was taken yesterday afternoon when she was sleeping peacefully without a dummy as Daddy was determined no dummy this time so he did not have to go to the supermarket in the middle of the night when they couldn't find one!
I received a photo this morning and she had a dummy she has been up every 10 minutes all night lol.
The pram was made from a Hasslecastle template.
All cardstock is from AnnaMarie Designs.
Sue Wilson bow dies.
Bits from my stash.
Thanks so much for your congratulations.
Thanks for calling
xx Jan


  1. Mia looks so beautiful Jan, liked your comment about the dummy lol

    And your pram was well worth the wait to see it. It is absolutely stunning and something they will treasure for the yrs to come I am sure.
    Congratulations again to you and your Family.
    Janet xxx

  2. This is fabulous Jan, love the gorgeous embellishments and beautiful display box.
    Linda xxx

  3. Stunning project Jan and what a cute baby.
    Gr Karin

  4. That's amazing, so detailed and perfect it must have taken you ages, but it was worth it if so! Ha we tried not to use a dummy for our kids but we succumbed in the end! x

  5. Hi Jan the pram is utterly gorgeous I am sure it will treasured to mark this special event. Your granddaughter is beautiful. Hugs Jackie

  6. This is so beautiful Jan, such a wonderful keepsake.
    Mia looks so sweet.

  7. A wonderful keepsake for a gorgeous little girl Jan. Carol x

  8. Stunning project Jan and such a beautiful baby.

  9. So lovely!! Thanks for showing us! :)

  10. Gorgeous pram for your Granddaughter Jan.
    lovely keepsake.
    she is adorable.
    pam x

  11. Beautiful little girl Jan and what a fabulous creation for them to keep! The dummy situation made me smile:-)
    Val x
    PS congratulations!

  12. Love the Pram, and I am sure when Mia grows a little she will love it too, she is utterly gorgeous, all pink and girly...yes dummies are great, if they take them, Mhairi refused, so 4 months of colic were hell for the sleeping, LOL...enjoy this wee beautiful girl, Jan, hugs xxx

  13. Hi Jan, your little granddaughter is beautiful, the pram is stunning you have so much patience with the things you make.

    Joan x

  14. Beautiful gift for a beautiful girl :) xxx

  15. Wow fabulous pram. Mia is a darling. Nothing wrong with a dummy lol ;-)

  16. Oh Jan what a little cutie pie Mia is (love her name too). Many congratulations you must be so happy! I smiled about the dummy too I soooo understand about the lack of sleep, my son and DIL haven't slept well for about 3 years now lol ;) Viv xx

  17. Oops sorry was distracted by that cute baby lol, love the pram too, very clever ;) Viv xx

  18. Wow, just stunning and congrats on the granddaughter!! Lovely

  19. Oh Jan this is stunning and something your son will treasure. Love the details even down to the bag. Mia is beautiful you must be very proud. Hugs Jennifer xx

  20. Hello Jan, Mia is just the gorgeous and a lovely name. Stunning project, with so much detail.


  21. Adore your pram and congratulations on the beautiful addition to your family. She is gorgeous x

  22. Mia's so cute! Beautiful little pram. xx


I really love reading your comments. Thank you so much!
xx Jan