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Monday, 25 June 2012

Another couple of wedding pics!

Kelly-Ann & Adam in his No1 uniform.
And a very rare photo of me with the gorgeous Diana. I hate my photo taken but lots wanted to see one of me at the wedding!

Hi everyone, welcome to my new followers.
Sorry no cards again as yet I have not had the chance to make any. We got back from our 6 days in Germany around midnight then I couldn't sleep. We have been trying to catch up with things today.
We had a wonderful time. It's lovely to see them all so happy & I hope it lasts forever.
Kelly is such a happy baby and is as good as gold.
Hope to be back with some cards soon. I have loads to catch up on. Sorry I have been such a bad blogger lately and have neglected you all but we have had so much going on lately. Adam only has a mobile dongle so couldn't get on very much.
Hope you are all well.
Thanks for calling.
xx Jan


  1. Beautiful Photos Jan. What a handsome chap Adam is/ Your dress looks great and I love the colour. Hugs Rita xx

  2. You look lovely, fabby dress!!
    Love,melly. xxx

  3. Beautiful pics Jan. Love the colour of your dress. Thank you for sharing these precious moments with us. :)

    Edna x

  4. Lovely photos, Jan. I'm so glad that you all had a good time. Back to the grind! Hazel x

  5. What Lovely Photos Jan, you all look wonderful. I love your dress and the colour is gorgeous.
    Hugs Mau xx

  6. Lovely photos, Jan. Your dress is fab and Diana is so pretty

    Margaret xx

  7. Great photos Jan, you all look fab and the dress is stunning, Kelly looks adorable. So glad it all went smoothly xxxxx

  8. Glad you are home safe and sound and everything went okay. Love the colour of your dress. Your son looks very handsome in his uniform.


  9. Love your little pink number - love the other photos of your very handsome family.

  10. Really gorgeous piccies hun, I am glad that you all had a lovely time =)
    Lindsay xx


I really love reading your comments. Thank you so much!
xx Jan