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Friday, 8 April 2011

Joy Trouvaille

Well I am gutted my wonderful JT A4 die cutting machine has broke today. I had to have it replaced last September four weeks after I bought it. I was really upset at the time as I was accused of braking it! I new I hadn't! I was told it could not brake!!! Well now we no different as Ikki's broke too. Aparently a fault with the gears! I am hoping I have a better responce this time. I will let you no!


  1. oh dear they seem to be prone to breaking - hope you get a good response.
    Ann xxx

  2. Oh dear, that is not good, surely they shouldn't break at all, hope you get a good response this time. I have the GC but haven't used it yet but have got the new embossing plate for it. Have to buy a few Grand Nesties now!!!
    Christine x


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